Screen Lighting
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A Simple, Rechargeable 100˚ Lens Flashlight with Ergonomic Design for makes you special experience​
 - YES, it is the most reliable flashlight ever -

Designed with style and engineered with precision, the SCREEN LIGHTING is a modern-style portable flashlight that fits easily into your bag, ready to spring into when you need it.

you can toss it in your bag for all the roads ahead.​

Why the wide angle is very important?

Practical Design for the User

Designed in Hong Kong, this flashlight is a reliable companion that combines a practical design that’s easy to grip, while the hardened 100˚ flashlight lens provides a wide field of vision that goes beyond that of conventional flashlights

Last 24 HOURS using on a single fully charge

USB Type C - Easy to Recharge.

Charging Screen Lighting is simple! There are a huge number of chargers compatible with this device, and the advanced electronics control the power mode, preventing battery discharge and letting you know when you are running low on energy. There are also different light sources and other cool features available, so you can use it however you need it. When you need power, just plug the USB into the nearest wall charge point , vehicle charger , solar bag or computer to recharge the battery.Comes with a high capacity 8800Mah battery that can be last up to 24 hours of continous usage just a single full charge. No need to bring a spare battery any more when you get a screen lighting.   

  1. Charging indicator color - Orange
    Charging indicator color - Orange
  2. Low battery alert indicator - Red
    Low battery alert indicator - Red
  3. Adequate power or fully charge indicator - Blue
    Adequate power or fully charge indicator - Blue

Voice of the customer

Designed by one of China’s leading rechargeable light manufacturers, this futuristic, yet hardwearing torch flashlight brings together the latest technology and materials to give users complete control. What they can see, no matter where they are, suitable for the most demanding conditions and includes emergency lighting developed in conjunction with professional users  

Shockproof / Water- proof poly-amide body LED-bar indicates battery charge level.

Waterproof . Normally use in any bad weather

​​What makes us different?

We eliminate the size, weight, and hassles of traditional day-to-day portable flashlights and create a seamless experience for you every day.

Special technology to make wide angle ,save energy and bright of light in LED, and a lot of cooling testing 

you will NOT be left in the dark, over 100 degree wide screen

The Perfect Companion in the Night

Thanks to SCREEN lighting wide-angle lens and rugged design, it is useful in a variety of activities: mounted on your bicycle or helmet when on the road or climbing, out on the boat when fishing at night, as ambient light when camping, or for spotlighting when gardening. Whatever you’re doing, SCREEN lighting brings light to you.

Anti-fire ABS material

The hardened lens and LED light provide a consistent level of protection against hazards. This contains everything you need to light your frontpace safely and effectively.

· Dimensions: 77mm x 97mm x 205mm ( 3.03 " X 3.82 " X 8.07 ")

· Weight: 14 oz. /0.4kg (battery included)

· LED: Cool White CCT (5000K)

· Output: flash, low, turbo (300 and 600 lumens)

· Runtime from low to high: 10 hrs, 24hrs

· Water Proof - IPX4

· Mount Flexibility: 1 inch and 30 mm

· Lens: scratch resistant glass

· Battery: 8800 mAh 18650 rechargeable Li-ion

· Button: reverse clicky, half step to change modes Mode Memory ,long press for flash

One year Replacement Warranty

We are confident in the quality and reliable because our factory is one of the leading rechargeable light manufacturers in China. Ask for more technical data from our friendly support team!    

Avant-garde , two colors to choose from : black and silver.

it features a pocket-friendly compact design with an anti-slip finish, hold fast in your hand.
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We believe that is a place share what the new product and perfect design, we forget the profit, come on have a try,
​futuristic technology in your hand.

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Risks and challenges
Since we have a regarded factory in China, we do not foresee any delays beyond our projected time line. Because our prototypes are finished, the injection molds are ready and tested, we're ready to go into production.
We know that having a new product is always a chance for unexpected delays. That’s why we will keep our backers updated every step of the way. With your support we know that this project is going to be successful. We hope you'll join us.

Thank you
2015  The idea come up
We needs light in dark , but no any torch 
really useful, get a lot of different kinds of 
flash light , We still feel unsafe at the dark on mountain
2017 develope of mold
From imagine to be the real.
a long walk, many test, many invest, many problem, different kinds of technology
Fail again and again.
2018 Become success
Thanks for all your supporting.
We make some samples ,everyone like it.
It is fantastic experience to get a futuristic technology  in your hand.
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